Service Experts of Raleigh Helps Man Go Above and Beyond for His Neighbor

June 29, 2016

This past May, Service Experts Heating and Air Conditioning of Raleigh got a call from a gentleman named Jimmy from the Raleigh community who told Service Experts about a very exciting project he was working on for his neighbor Kyla.

Kyla Tracy is an exceptional 9 year old who was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, sometimes referred to as brittle bone disease. She uses a wheelchair to get from one point to another and her home was not wheelchair compatible, mostly because of the size of the chair. When Jimmy learned about the problem, he wanted to remodel the Tracy family’s residence to make it entirely wheel-chair friendly. However, due to the age of the home, the task was going to be a larger project than he initially planned. Undefeated, Jimmy elected to try converting the Tracy family’s carport into a wheelchair friendly mini-suite, which would include Kyla’s own bedroom, bathroom, playroom, and kitchen area.

Thrilled to have a working plan, Jimmy started calling local home service groups, including plumbers, electricians, and building supply companies and everyone said they would be thrilled to help and donate services and supplies. He asked Service Experts of Raleigh for the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) portion of Kyla’s new mini suite. Our Service Experts employees went over to ask more about the remodel and were in awe of how intelligent and kind Kyla was and they determined they had to help.

Kyla’s father, Jared Tracy, said he assumed he would pay for the $12,000 heating and cooling equipment for his daughter’s new apartment, but with the generosity of Lennox and RE Michel, Service Experts was able to hand Kyla’s family an invoice printed with the following:

“We are honored to present you with a complete HVAC (heating and air conditioning) system at no charge as long as we can all have hugs.”

The team at Service Experts of Raleigh were humbled to help provide such a precious girl with a much-deserved place for her to live that accommodates her wheelchair and allows her to move around safely and efficiently. But it’s not over yet. Kyla’s family is raising money to purchase a wheel-chair accessible automobile to better transport Kyla and her wheelchair. To find out more or to donate to Kyla’s van, please go to their GoFundMe account.

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