Stay Cool During Summer Activities in Grand Island

August 20, 2015

Summer is usually a crazy time of year for many people in Grand Island. Whether it’s a family reunion, an extended vacation or any host of other fun activities, summer not only brings about busy schedules, but that dreaded Grand Island heat as well.

We know you’ve already covered all of your AC repair and air conditioner service needs long before summer came, so what else can you do to maintain your cool during those days where you can’t escape to an air conditioned oasis? Health Canada has a couple tips: 

  • Stay in an air conditioned area as much as you can. Of course, outdoor activities make this difficult, but if you are able to take a couple-minute break and escape to an air conditioned building at a park or a vehicle’s air conditioning, do so.

  • Drink plenty of fluids. Sip on your drink even if you don't think thirsty, as thirst can be an early indicator of dehydration. If you begin noticing muscle cramps, take a few moments to rest as it could also be an early indicator of dehydration or another heat-related illness.

  • Take special considerations when scheduling outdoor activities. Any type of workout or athletic practices should be held earlier or later in the day when the Grand Island temperatures are more tolerable.

  • Dress to stay cooler in hot temperatures. Light-colored, lightweight and loose-fitting clothing are your best options.

  • Keep your shower or bath a little colder than normal. It can help you cool down a tad faster so you can get back to reveling in your home’s air conditioning.
Spending time outdoors is what summer is all about, but staying safe in the Grand Island heat is non-negotiable. And when you do finally make it back to air conditioning, make sure you’ve taken care of all of your AC repair and air conditioner service needs so you don’t have to worry about it going out in the heat of the summer. Give McElroy Service Experts a call at 308-210-4398 or set up an appointment online if you have any questions about potential AC repair or how you can ensure that your air conditioner is running at its highest level in the Grand Island heat.

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