How to Heat and Cool a New Area in Your House That Doesn’t Include Ductwork 

Whether you add a sunroom, family room or other room to your house, being comfy in your new room regardless of outdoor temperatures is important. However, they can create a unique challenge for contentment. This is since adding ductwork is pricey. And that your heating and cooling system may not be work properly with the higher load, because it was sized without including the addition. 

One of the most affordable options is to get a mini-split. This system provides energy-efficient heating and cooling, with no ductwork required. Discover more about mini-splits and how getting one for your addition might be a great solution. 

All About Mini-Splits and How They Heat and Cool 

A ductless mini-split, as they’re nearly identical to ducted heat pumps that southern homeowners have relied on for decades. 

Heat pumps are very energy efficient since they move heat to make your space cozier. In reality, many have earned ENERGY STAR® certification, which can make you eligible for added rebates and decrease your utility bills for years to come. 

Another special feature involves zoned heating and cooling. Since each room usually has an individual indoor unit, you can choose your preferred temperature from room to room. As an example, a mini-split AC is very helpful if you have a space with precise temperature needs, like a home gym. 

Why a Mini-Split is Worth It for Your Space 

Having a mini-split system is worth it for areas that don’t have ductwork. Here are a couple reasons why it’s wiser than installing ductwork and using your present heating and cooling system. 

  1. Extending ductwork is pricey. Adding ductwork in your new addition can be costly. Although the precise cost will depend on your unique situation, it be as much as thousands of dollars. 
  1. Your existing home comfort system could become overworked. When your present heating and cooling system was put in, it was based on the square footage of your residence prior to the addition. This may stress your system and make it fail faster. 
  1. Your comfort may suffer. Since your heating and cooling system is sized for specific square footage, your comfort might decrease if your system is forced to cover a bigger area. Your heating and cooling might be less efficient, and your energy expenses may skyrocket due to the system needing to switch on more frequently. 

What Size Mini-Split You Need 

Like more common systems, mini-splits come in several sizes based on the square footage they’ll be heating and cooling. Here are three of the most popular sizes: 

  • 400-650 square feet – 12,000 BTU mini-split 
  • 600-1,000 square feet – 18,000 BTU mini-split 
  • 800-1,300 square feet – 24,000 BTU mini-split 

When you work with our Experts at Service Experts Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we’ll help you get the correct size for your new area. And your budget. 

An ENERGY STAR mini-split unit can result in huge energy savings over its life cycle, which can be 20 years or more when correctly tuned up. ENERGY STAR says having one can save you 60% on heating and 30% on cooling, when compared to an electric heating system and conventional air conditioner. 

Trust Service Experts Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing for Your Mini-Split Installation 

From taking care of all your questions and helping you choose the recommended model to supplying Expert mini-split installation, Service Experts Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing can take care of all your mini-split needs. If you’re considering a home addition or recently completed one, we can provide assistance. Give us a call at 866-397-3787 today to request a free consultation and estimate

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